Your carpeting is probably one of the biggest investments you’ll ever make for your house. As such, it’s understandable as to why you’ll want it to keep it looking good for decades. You often research about how to take care of your carpets and more often than not, you’ll hear or read that regular cleaning and maintenance is the best way to go about it. But, with so many myths regarding carpets and even professional cleaners, you might not be sure what to believe.

Listed below are some of the most common myths surrounding carpets and carpet cleaners, as well as the truth behind them. For carpet cleaning Crawley, West Sussex you won’t go far wrong with Bliss Cleaning.

Myth #1 – You should wait for years to have your carpets cleaned again by professionals so that it doesn’t end up looking dull and old.

This is a myth that has some truth to it. That is, at least decades ago.

Back then, older carpet cleaning methods caused water and cleaning residue after cleaning. This often took many hours or even a day to dry and even worse was that it helped attract more dirt, making the carpet look duller and dirtier after every clean.

These days, however, carpet cleaning methods have evolved. Not only can professional carpet cleaners remove both dirt and debris more efficiently, but they also have much more powerful vacuums that help them remove excess water and residue too, leaving your carpet as clean and as fresh as the day you had them installed.

Myth #2 – You can do as good of a job, if not better, in cleaning your carpets as professionals ever could.

It’s true. Many of today’s consumer-grade vacuums are as powerful as the equipment used by professional carpet cleaners in the past. BUT, that does not mean that you shouldn’t hire a professional to clean your carpets for you anymore.

Fact is, with carpet cleaners, you’re paying for more than just their equipment. Though, their equipment is still far more powerful. You’re also paying for their expertise and knowledge, especially when it comes to the different kinds of carpets and how to take good care of them.

Carpet cleaning machines, whether bought or rented, are good, but are best suited for handling spills and stains, as well as for regular maintenance in between professional cleanings.

Myth #3 – You shouldn’t really need to clean your carpets as often, especially if it still looks really good.

Whether you see dirt, grime and other particles or not is not important because it’s there and it’s always going to be there. If left unchecked, these particles could end up damaging the carpet fibers, causing it to look old and dirty.

You can prevent this from happening by making sure that you vacuum high-traffic areas twice or thrice a week. Low-traffic areas shouldn’t be neglected and should still be vacuumed at least once. Also, stains and spills should be taken care of immediately so that they’re not allowed to do much damage to the carpet fibers.

Of course, hiring professionals is also necessary. You’ll want to invest in carpet cleaners and hire them to work their magic on your carpets once or twice a year.

Myth #4 – Cleaning products from the grocery store are just as good as the ones used by professionals

While it is true that SOME of the cleaning products from the grocery store are quite effective in removing spills and stains, they often do more damage than good. Because they use harsh chemicals, they also damage the carpet fibers while cleaning, making the carpet look dull and old.

Meanwhile, products used and recommended by professionals are specifically formulated for dealing with a specific stain or spill. This may make them more cumbersome to use and a bit more expensive since you have to buy a certain product for a certain stain or spill. But, these products are much safer for your carpets and your health as well.

These four are just some of the many myths floating around that might be keeping you from taking care of your investment – your carpets!

Now that you know that truth, your carpets are sure to last longer and age much more gracefully.